Growth Groups

What is a Growth Group?

A Growth Group is a small gathering of people who come together during the week to build each other up through the encouragement of God’s Word. They may meet at a home, coffee shop, or restaurant, where they casually connect, share life’s challenges, and pray for one another.

They may discuss the Bible or another book with spiritual focus, to discover God’s truths for their own lives. These environments are non-threatening and safe.

Please contact a Group Leader to sign-up

Young Adults

Sundays at 7:00pm

Group Leader: Mark Miller

Miller's home
Currently Via Zoom

If you are college age or still in your 20s, come join us.

Young Adults

Bible Study - All Adults

Tuesdays at 7:00pm

Group Leader: John Lange

Currently via Zoom

Who are Growth Groups for?

Growth Groups are for all who desire to grow in their relationship with God, in His love, and be built up toward living the good life He has called us to alongside others. They are for all who want to learn what it means to live out their faith daily, understanding that we are all on a similar “faith journey”. You will meet people who may not be able to make it to a Sunday Church Service, or who are part of another church body, and have come with a friend.

What type of commitment is required?

Every group and gathering is a bit different and the levels of commitment vary, but joining a group usually begins with an invitation to come and check it out, with no commitment. After one or more visits you determine if the group is a right fit, based on the dynamics of the group and what has been presented by the group leader.

How long does group time last?

Most groups tend to go for an average of 2 hours, but sometimes a group will meet for 45min to an hour at a coffee shop for a quick coffee, connection and encouragement from God’s Word. Some people come a bit late to a group, or may have to leave a bit early, and that’s usually fine because the groups are very accommodating and very relational.

When do groups typically begin in the course of a year?

Some groups are ongoing, and will jump from one topic of discussion and study to another, with breaks in between. There are also groups that start and only last for a month or so, until the topic, study, or book is done.

How can I check out a group?

Take a look at the list above at all our current growth groups. Give one of the leaders a call or email. Also, you are welcome to give the church office a call 209-333-2526.