After Easter


It's over. Easter is past. The celebration is history.

Hopefully you were together with family, friends and neighbors. You had the traditional egg hunt and also talked about the real meaning of Easter.

At church there was the wonderful Resurrection music, great drama, soloists of special blessing and a terrific Easter meal filled with many delicious potluck dishes.

Now it is over.

Just like in Jesus day, what happened? Things went back to normal, the routine, the usual order of the day. Even Peter said "I'm going fishing" and others thought "I'll never see Jesus again". Are things back to "normal again"?

I hope your life is not normal any more! BECAUSE.....

The RESURRECTION means His power is your power. His new life is your new life His victory is your victory.

Nothing should be normal again. If God is for us who or what can stand against us? No one No thing Nothing. He wants us to live the resurrection power He gives to His people everyday.

He is Risen and He is risen Indeed. You can live out His power now.