Back To Prison


Last week we were turned away because of over crowding. This week we were admitted.

We made it through the check in line and the metal detector, also the black light stamp on the wrist and finally through all the locked gates and doors into the waiting room.

It was packed with visitors and inmates. People of all ages were visiting. We saw grandparents and small children, also people of all races and backgrounds. The room was so packed full we waited to find a place to sit. Everyone had to sit at a table with the chairs facing the tables.

Visitors were allowed to have a hug at the begining and ending of the visit. Wives could also hold hands with husbands but nothing more.

It was noisy in this room with lots chatter, smiles, intense conversation and hopeful glances. But everyone knew the terrible truth, the men in blue will not be going home. Not tonight and some never!

Pam and I left feeling humble and grateful to be free. We had freedom. We ate out that night (Costco, but so what it was freedom).

We left behind a prison of 2000 men who knew and lived with misery, anger, and evil everyday of their lives. The iron doors and razor wire fences kept the hatred inside.

Thank God for freedom. Thank God for eternal and spiritual freedom.