I went to prison recently but I couldn't get in. Prisoners can't get out and visitors can't get in. FRUSTRATION !

Pam and I waited over two hours. We signed up and took a number and waited. Visitors were called in ten people at a time. We were numbers 167 &168. Processing closed at 3:30 PM. We were the last group at the deadline but, the deadline was too late! If we could wait another two hours we could see our friend at 5:30 PM.

So our friend in prison was FRUSTRATED and we were FRUSTRATED too.

What do you do when FRUSTRATED? at work? at home? or with your own mistakes?

Don't Repress it-----It only builds up to depression and anger.

Don't Express it-----By taking it out on others and making them miserable.

Do Confess it-----tell God about your disappointment, resentment etc.

                        let go-----give it to God-----get over it-----accept it-----confess it

                        "forget the past and move forward to your goal of pleasing God.

Next week we will try again to visit our friend. At least we could go home to a nice house but, our friend will be in his cell another 15 years.