Visa Denied


No one likes to hear those words.

Recently our friends from Ukraine applied for visas to come visit the USA and especially Lodi.

Pastor Sasha and Natasha were denied visas. No reason given, no explanation offered, just the words DENIED.

Pam and I have been to their country several times. Our team from Cornerstone has gone to love and reach out to them over the years.

This time we sponsored them to come here and meet our church family and speak in several churches in California.

What a shock "DENIED"

Life is full of surprizes.

Maybe you are facing some now!

Let me show you what Prov. 18:9 says.

"In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps"

OK God! You are in control! Your ways are BIGGER, HIGHER, STRONGER, WISER, and I will accept your steps for me.

Join me in praying for our friends who got rejected. Just as they must accept the no answer from God we learn from them.

Believe that the Lord has a bigger plan and more wiser way when you get denied. It can be tough but the results are really worth it.

As the saying goes "let go and let God have his perfect way"