Hanakapiai Falls


Roundtrip it is 8 miles of jungle and rain forest. You must cross the river 5 times before you get to the falls.

It is a steep exhilerating hike through bamboo forests 40 feet high, coffee bean trees, beautiful palms, and wild jungle flowers.

It was one of the most fantastic thrilling hikes I have ever experienced.

We saw enormous waves slamming against the cliffs of a hidden beach on our way to a waterfall 410 feet high.

It was an 8 hour hike that required strong legs, plenty of stamina, sturdy shoes, an energy packed lunch and patient endurance.

On our way down from one of the most beautiful falls in the world we told climbers still on the way up, "don't stop now", "it is worth it", "it is so beautiful", "you're almost there".

What a great visual lesson.

At times serving God can be very hard and strenuous. It is a difficult climb, but the final results are "worth it all". Don't give up, God's rewards are worth the hike.

If you are now on an uphill climb--- practice patient endurance. The reward is so beautiful and worth every effort required to achieve the goal. You won't be sorry.

P.S. Don't make the hike alone. Take a traveling companion. May I offer you JESUS?