Gold Medalist


Yes, Stephanie Brown-Trafton is coming to Cornerstone Sunday Jan. 25, 10am.

FRIENDSHIP SUNDAY She will be our special guest.

I want you to know early because it will be a really very unique and wonderful day.

Stephanie is EXTRA ORDINARY.

She has a great strong faith in God'

She started a Bible study in Beijing last summer for fellow athletes at the games.

She also tossed a discus farther than anyone else in the entire world at the games in August. 212 feet 5 inches.

I am inviting you to come see her, hear her, and watch her demonstration on the field. Yes, she will throw the discuss for all to see.

Also I am inviting you to stay after the special church service and enjoy our "CHILI COOK OFF" for the entire church.

P.S. Don't forget to invite your friends, neighbors, and family. You are welcome to bring your camera for some famous shots of a great USA Olympic Athlete.