San Francisco Visit


We went to S.F. with friends recently. It is always an experience to be in San Francisco.

The day was filled with sunshine, rain, hail, cold wind and good food at the Cheese Factory

All the lights, decorations, giant Christmas trees were so magnanimous and the white chocolate carmel cheesecake was terrific.

But most interesting of course were all the people of that great city: man on the train sorting through his two big suitcases, high society people who shop at Neiman Marcus, low society people who beg on the streets, security guard at exclusive jewelry store, and of great entertainment, the woman illegally parked whose car was on the rack just seconds from being towed away. Suddenly she appeared and the policeman graciously gave her a gift and let her keep her car [surprise].

People at Christmas? Who really cares? Just a wild mix of strange people. Does anyone really care about the multitudes they don't even know?

"For God so loved the world of people". God loves all these strange assortment of people.

Big and little cities are packed with weird, strange, lonely, rich and poor people.

From the cradle to the cross God loved people. The Christ of Christmas came to love people.

God knows and cares about each and everyone of them singularly and by name. What an AMAZING God we have. All and each one are important to Him.

When I walk the streets of San Francisco I am in shock that anyone could love so many people at the same time and know them all as eternal souls that are important to God.

I wish that I could love people that way.