Cell Phone Lost


It is such a weird feeling. When I first noticed it was missing I felt so isolated.

"Now I'm cut off from the outside world, what will I ever do now? How can I possibly survive? No one knows where I am and how can they reach me? What if something really bad happens and I cannot speak to anyone?"

I think you know the feeling!

Of course my little brief encounter of being out of the loop was short lived.

I found the phone at home that night on the couch where it slipped out of my pocket.

But this incident reminded me of so many people who are isolated from God and friends. I thought of all kinds of people who are lonely and out of touch with ones they love and those who love them.

Separtation is a huge problem.

Christmas is not a good time of year for many. The loneliness and isolation is accentuated by the holidays.

Perhaps God wants to use you to make a difference this Christmas. You can be Jesus to someone who needs Him and is out of touch with God.