Quick Change


Life is a quick change artist. No one really knows when to expect change.

Pam and I were recently in Monterey. It was a beautiful weekend. It was really warm and sunny with blue skies and enormous waves. The sunsets were especially memorable.

There must have been a storm in the Pacific off in the great distance because the giant waves were dancing in the crisp sunlight and skipping at night when the sun was setting.

Soon it was time to return home and as we crossed the Pacheco Pass the weather instantly changed. We dropped down in the valley and immediately submerged in the dense thick pea soup fog.

It was a shocking dramatic change. Just like life!!

All of God's people of the Bible had to face and accept change. Life is full of change. Sometimes very swift and difficult.

It is often said, "the only thing constant is change"

So what is the answer? Take a look at James 1:17 "He never changes"

The weather changes, people change, the economy will certainly change but God is always the SAME.

God will never leave you. Go with God and you will be able to cope no matter what may change. our God is the immutable consistant unchanging Father.

His love for you is unchanging. His faithfulness for you is unchanging and you can handle any change when you go with God.