Do all things without grumbling or complaining Phil. 2:14

What an easy sin to fall into!!!

WOW - before we know it everything is wrong and nothing is right.

When we compare ourselves to others we always compare "up" and very seldom "down".

Why can't I have more _____ fill in the blank. Like my rich friend or lucky cousin or beautiful neighbor?

We recently came back from our Baja mission trip. Once again we had our eyes opened to real poverty. We saw life on the raw edge with the Meztec Indians.

These dear people lived in the dirt with no running water, electricity or even a decent outhouse. They cooked over open fires with black plastic siding for houses. They had no education or schools to attend. They were migrants and moved frequently.

So I began to think about "grumbling and complaining".

                If I didn't like my house I could go live in their plastic tent.
                If I didn't like my health I could go live in the dust 24/7 hours a day.
                If I didn't like my water I could drink their "ecoli" infested water.
                If I didn't like my job I could go work in the fields for $8.00 per day.

Dear Lord help me to never complain again. Amen