Parking Ticket


YES, I was only a very very few minutes late!!!!! Pam and I were returning from a lengthly appointment in Stockton. The officer must have been lying in wait for me the victim.

I should have known better! Why was I so stupid!?? I like living on the edge but I was really pushing it! What was I thinking ------- I parked our car on the same street as the STOCKTON POLICE DEPARTMENT for goodness sakes alive !!!!!!!! DUH! UGGH!

So Monday afternoon I was feeling sorry for myself, and guilty, and stupid, and mistreated.

Guess what my sermon was on the previous day? "Expect the Unexpected" Yep. It seems I always get to experience my own words [eat my words].

What I needed was an attitude adjustment. Well it soon came when I put my $25. problem in perspective.

I have friends with no work, friends in the hospital, friends with aging problems, friends with marriage struggles, and friends who are lonely and afraid.

Dear Lord, thank you for reminding me of my dear friends who really struggle with deep needs and hurts. I guess I can thankfully pay my dues and praise you for my many blessings.