Why? Why? Why?


Don't Ask Why?

We always get into trouble with that question, WHY?

Life is unfair. WHY? Good people suffer. WHY? Bad people prosper. WHY? I never get it my way. WHY?

Why always leaves people angry. We pout and blame and complain. It causes us to be cynical. Soon we are mad at God because He didn't fix my problem when I asked Him to do it my way.

The WHY question has no answer. Ask God and He is silent. God's special business is not ours. WHY is in the secret world of the MOST HIGH SOVEREIGN LORD OF THE UNIVERSE. The Bible says that "the secret things belong to the Lord our God"

So I know what you are thinking. WHY are they secret? WHY can't He tell ME? !!!!!

Our question for life is not WHY but WHAT?

In view of this .....situation....problem...loss...hurt...burden. WHAT action should I take?

Now that has substance!! I can act in faith. I can act in patience. I can act in gratitude. I can act in love.

So .....WHAT should I learn? What should I believe? What should I do in Faith?

Next time you want to ask God a question, change it to WHAT?

Dear Lord what should my response be? WWJD?