Watch out for all kinds of interferences which hurt your life.

On the Cell Phone it is the dead zone. On the highway it is rush hour traffic(why do they call it rush-hour?) On your computer it is "spam". But...... with God it is temptations, distractions, people, materialism, deceptions from the "angel of light" and so many other things.

Elymus(the sorcerer) tried to interfere with Paul and the gospel on the Island of Cypress. The sorcerer was trying to keep the governor from believing and following Jesus.

Paul recognized the conflict and rebuked him while God took care of the problem and struck him blind.

What a powerful illustration! What is your distraction? Recognize the problem and turn it over to the Lord. Refuse to let it hinder you from your calling. Get on with the Lord's work. Read Acts 13:4-12

Let's stay on course together.