Life In South Carolina


I'm writing this note to you while on vacation. Pam and I are having a great time. Edisto Island is called Low Country because it is so low in elevation like zero feet above sea level in many places.

This low country is amazing. I love seeing the dolphins cruising by so early in the morning.

It is fantastic counting pelicans winging over our beach house. They are beautiful and graceful flying in a long string one behind the other. We counted 82 large birds peering down at us on the deck about 20 feet overhead.

Also on the island are Loggerhead turtles. So far they remain unseen but we often spot the nesting areas of these endangered species.

The almost full moon over the ocean at night is another evidence of God's terrific imprint on planet earth.

We love the ocean including the windy cloudy and rainy days. At this moment we are having a very loud thunder and lightening storm. We love to experience the South with its unique foods like fried green tomatoes and she crab soup. We love the special southern culture and y'all come hospitality.

But the reason we came so far was family. People are the most important! They are the most fun of all! Our family is so beautiful inside and outside. Thank God each one of them has a great and personal relationship with God. Vacation is great, but love of God and family is the greatest. I hope you personally know what I mean.

By the way the Cornerstone family in Lodi is also incredibly beautiful and exceptionally loving.

I look forward to seeing them all very soon.