Cutest Thing In The World


Yes, I'm a grandparent! And I'm talking about our little 9 month old, Caleb.

I know every parent says mine is the cutest. But with us it is really true!

When we were baby sitting him recently we actually saw him:

1. Pull himself up to stand.

2. Wave hello to us.

3. Take naps by himself.

4. Imitate me when I hit the table with my hand.

This boy is Awesome!

So you must admit it. We win! He is the cutest!

But you and I know also that something begins to change.

Somewhere in those cute years our perfect little ones learn to say "NO". Then they refuse to cooperate! And they won't sleep when we want them to. Before long that perfect little mind is acting out in unpleasant ways.

Life is so unfair...our perfect little people disappoint us...things happen. Nothing ever remains the same. And now look at the adult world... so rebellious.

Only God is perfect! So I'll love my kids and grand kids but keep my eyes on God.

He is always kind, dependable and faithful. I will stay focused on Him. He will never fail or disappoint me. But....our little Caleb is still the cutest thing in the world.