And shaving cream. It was hilarious.... at Camp Cornerstone.

We had our annual all church event recently. What a blast! So many funny games.

Two young men volunteered to be the shaving cream faces. They bravely put on goggles and had their faces sprayed with shaving cream.

Next, team members threw cheez-its at their faces trying to land as many morsels as possible in their shaving cream.

It was so much fun. You cannot imagine!... Bright yellow cheez-its covering a fluffy snow white face. The contrast was a prize winning picture. "Cheez-its Heads"

Parents were laughing. Kids were yelling. Team members were trying to score the highest number of points with the most cheez-its in place on the face.

Sometimes I get cheez-its all over my face. But...they are not funny!

Unkind words are cheez-its and boy do they standout.

A critical spirit exposes my motives and boy everyone can easily see my cheez-its.

Anger, judgment, impatience also breakout all over my face and no one thinks they are funny.

Do you ever get plastered with your own cheez-its?