See The Beauty


Recently our family visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was awesome. We saw every kind of fish imaginable. We were overwhelmed by the grace and beauty of these fantastic undersea creatures.

I remember my first experience of snorkeling in Maui. I realized God created a totally hidden world of underwater life that most people never get to see.

There are under water mountains, caves, seaweed forests, and life forms.These unseen miracles are so exquisite and awesome in their elegance that the setting is beyond description.

Most human eyes never have a chance to even peek into the underwater wonder of the sea world.

God's miracles in the spiritual world of faith are just as amazing and beautiful. This is what I mean:

Do you look for God's beautiful answers to prayer?

Do you notice His wonderful mercies of kindness?

Have you experienced His overwhelming protection from danger?

Did you see how His perfect blessings of forgiveness has set you free?

Are you feeling and discovering His gracious encounter with powerful love?

It is totally amazing what can be seen in God's spiritual world all around His people.

So... what should I do?

Submerge yourself in His Word

Dive into the aquarium of His grace.

Let God immerse you in His love.

Hold your breath and look for the sea flowers of His compassion, patience and gentleness.

Now open your eyes to the wonder of His eternal affection for you.