Lapel Mike


It is that little gadget I use for public address when I preach.

Well, it disappeared. It costs about 500.00 to own a really good one and this was excellent.

No one could find it. It was not in the sound box or the equipment box. Someone said it might be in the children's box, but no!! People looked high and low and even sideways. We even checked with the custodian to see if it had been given to lost and found.

But after much prayer, puzzlement, and head scratching it was found.

I found it myself. I couldn't believe it there it was. I was cleaning out the back seat of my car this week and there on the floor I found it. It was just staring me in the face.

Don't ask me how it got there because I don't know. It is a total mystery.

But now I have a rather large problem.

Last Sunday I publicly announced that our Worship Leader had lost our expensive micrphone [he was the one who used it last].

To make things worse my sermon that day was on not criticizing other people. Point #1. Stop Criticizing Others.

Oh boy - now I must eat my words and swallow humble pie or is it pride.

"Please Forgive Me I Was Wrong".

For some reason these are still the six most difficult words in the English language.