Crippled Beggar


The beggar wanted money. Just a quick fix! Give me a few coins so I can eat today. I can't work but I can beg. I don't plan ahead. I only think one day at a time. All I want is money.

Peter had no money but he did have Faith and Love to share with the down and out man. Peter offered much more than simply money. He gave him a brand new life through healing.

"I don't have any silver or gold but I'll give you what I have".

You can be like Peter to many people around you. Give what you have. Here are just a few of your possessions.

Plan to give away your love, hope, joy, peace, time, talents, gifts, compassion, tenderness, wisdom, and your special friendship with God.

In short give yourself to others and they will find healing just like the man in Acts 3:1-9

So open your eyes and look for that needy person who is waiting for some of your love to heal and transform their life.

Ask God for that opportunity to reach out and share His love today.

God wants you to serve like Peter.