Delicious Fruit


"I Am the vine; you are the branches" John 15:1-15 NLT

Real disciples stay connected to the vine. The word "remain" is found 7 times in this passage.

To remain means "remain connected" to Jesus at all times. When we stay connected here is one powerful result.

We "branches" get pruned back for greater harvest. So is God now pruning you?

Out of your painful experiences comes a very wonderful and significant basket full of fruit.

Don't despise the cutting and trimming. It may be very ugly at the time but after the surgery and humiliation comes a "farmers market" full of ripe, delicious attractive and mature fruit.

Are you now in the pruning season? Just wait for the fall harvest. And remember that the pruning season comes months before the harvest.

You must wait for the results but the fruit is well worth the wait.