Bonus Prayers


Do you know about "bonus prayers"?

Serious prayers are heavy duty big difficult major burdens!!!!

Bonus Prayers are the icing on the cake, the special blessings,...the extra things,....the little surprises which are fun and above the ordinary.

On our recent trip to Yosemite with Pastor Mark and Sasha we enjoyed "bonus prayers".

Beautiful waterfalls, bright sunny days, fluffy white clouds, dogwood trees in bloom along with flowering purple plum trees.

We [Pam and I] also prayed to see the wild life in the park. What a surprise when I returned from the shower room at 6:15 am to be greeted by a very spunky and bold bear only 15 feet away from my cabin door. My heart was racing as I grabbed my camera and got a parting shot of his backside. I immediately remembered "bonus prayer"

Our second bear experience was leaving the park and seeing a huge black bear feeding in the meadow. He was in no hurry and we all got great photos of our "bonus prayer"

Let God surprise you with "bonus prayers". He often does exceeding abundantly above all we could ever ask or think.

God loves his children and loves to surprise them and please them. Try praying "bonus prayers". Then write me and let me know what God has done for you. Send me an email.