Not A Pretty Word


Sacrifice Sacrifice Sacrifice

Jesus was the world's greatest sacrifice.

The Bible asks us to also live sacrificially. But doing that means...well... self denial and self discipline. I don't do well with those ugly words.

So what exactly is it that a believer should be sacrificing?

I sacrifice my right to choose my path, my destiny,my direction in life. It was Jesus who taught us these words. "not my will but thy will be done"

I sacrifice my right to selfish pleasures. Of course there are endless numbers of these, according to each individual. Samson was a notorious example of selfish pleasures and his life ended like all who pursue the path of selfishness.

God also asks me to sacrifice my time for the needs of others. This means basically living to help others as my goal in life. The good Samaritan sacrificed so much of everything to serve the wounded man.

These are just a few ways to obey God in this command. Now look at the results of this kind of discipleship.

Rom.12:1-2 is very clear. 1st. Result is ...God is very well pleased. 2nd Result...It produces a dramatic transformation in my life. 3rd Result.... I am renewed in my life and power. 4th Result... God declares it is His perfect will for me.

Who could ask for any better results than these? So I will work on practicing these things and hope you will join me too.