He Is Risen!!


It was the greatest event in all history.

His resurrection is still life changing today.

This is what I get from the resurrection.

I get life after death. His power proves that the grave is not the end. He said that because he lives, we too shall also live. I get a new life after death and I also get to be with family and loved ones who have also believed and moved on ahead beyond the grave.

My brother Ralph who was two years younger than I died on the operating table from heart complications. That was many years ago but he is alive and healthy today in heaven. I will see him again. We will be reunited. What an exciting reward.

Because of the resurrection I get so many things. I get my sins forgiven and new life. I get the promise of a great reunion and I get the power of God to live the way I should. His awesome power becomes my daily power to use instantly. See Eph. 1:19 NLT

I hope you will live out the message of the resurrection power of God.