A Little Sacrifice


Goes a long ways with God. In fact it will produce great results, huge results! Whatever we give or give up to God is an astounding investment.

People often think if I give it up or give it away I'll never see it again.

"I once gave away a car and it was gone. Nothing happened." Another person said, "I remember giving away my furniture, my favorite clothes and my tools and they were gone. Nothing happened."

Here is the defining MOTIVE. Why did I give or sacrifice or make a financial gift? Peter said, "We've given up everything to follow you." Peter did it to follow Jesus. That was his motive. What is your motive? Mark 10:28-31

Right motives produce right results. The results are such a miraculous return on your gift or sacrifice. Jesus said it will be 100 fold on all that is given.

When you give next time remember to define your motive and God will bless beyond all expectations. Try it, you will like the results.