What Do You Want?


Jesus asked this question of blind Bartimaeus. We notice that he is absolutely desperate. When Jesus came he started yelling and wouldn't stop. People tried to quiet him but he just yelled out all the more. There is something about being desperate that motivates us to action. Wouldn't it be special if we would seek God wholeheartedly without the need to be desperate?

Bartimaeus was desperate, but he was also very definite in what he wanted. He said, "I want to see." Mark 10:46-52. In coming to God with our requests it is important to ask specifically what we truly want. The blind man did that and also one more thing. We realize his great dependence on God. We call it faith. Without faith we cannot please God.

Here is our great example in one blind man. He had focused desperation along with a definite specific request and a strong dependence of faith. So I ask you today. "What Do You Want?"