Making It Work


What makes life work for you?

It is a matter of the heart. The Bible says "guard your heart".

When I am "Wholehearted" for God life works really well.

Notice three kings 1] King Saul -- he had many great problems with life because of disobedience. He had NO HEART for God. 2] King Solomon -- he also had great problems and forgot his wisdom given him from God. He was HALF HEARTED. 3] King David -- he was the apple of God's eye because he was WHOLE HEARTED for God.

My life always goes better whenever I am WHOLE HEARTED in what I do for God. When I neglect my full devotion and love to God then undesirable things always happen. You experience these things too, like worry, weaknesses, wrong thinking and actions take over and spoil true joy and success.

The secret to "making it work" is living Wholeheartedly for Him. Try it and you will be greatly surprised!