Good Things


Expect good things to happen every day! One of the special qualties of God's servants was this expectation.

Notice What They Expected: Abraham expected to become the father of many nations ... and it happened. Isaac expected his servant to return with a bride for him...and it happened Jacob expected God to bless him as he wrestled with an angel that scary night...and it happened. Moses parents expected their son to survive the trauma in the bulrushes that night...and he did and became the great emancipator. Joseph expected his dream to come true ...and he became the powerful Prime Minister of Egypt.

God wants good things for you. He promises good things to happen for you. He waits to shower you with many benefits.

You are His child and He is your Father and Friend and Protector and King. Let Him reward you with many extra gifts and loving enjoyments.

We often miss these blessings because we are not looking for them and neglect seeing them. Read Matt. 7:11

Look for his generosity everyday. You will be surprized at what He does for you daily.