God Of Power


We saw the mighty oceans roar one day on our hike along the Napali Coast.

They were the largest waves I have ever seen in my life.

They roared like the sound of a jet plane at SFO.

They burst high into the air 40 feet and more.

They came onto shore with ever increasing power.

We could see their beauty in the sunlight and feel the thunder in our ears. We could sense the energy and tremble at the irresistible force.

I experienced a huge lesson from Almighty God with His Almighty Ocean.

His power is unstoppable. His beauty is incomparable. His presence is undeniable.

"Mightier than the violent raging of the sea, mightier than the breakers on the shore, the Lord above is mightier than these" Ps. 93:4

God wants you to know His power,beauty,and presence. Ask and you shall receive!