Everyone Loves A Secret


And everyone wants to know the secret! Tell me the secret of..... great wealth, a wonderful marriage, terrific popularity, a lucrative job, etc.

But here is a secret greater than all secrets combined. It goes beyond all expectations and covers all circumstances.

"For this is the secret: Christ in you, and this is your assurance that you will share his glory" Col.1:27 NLT

Imagine living out this secret every day in every way. Christ in you while solving problems, at work, at home, at school, at the doctors office.

Christ in you with His Power and Presence to give you guidance, strength, love, forgiveness. Here is the key to facing evil problems and people, or temptation. When you are afraid, lonely, angry or dealing with illness,what a great way to cope with all of life's encounters. Christ in you at all times and all places under all situations.

This is the secret of all secrets! Christ has chosen to take up residence in your very own life. Let that fact sink into your brain and life will always and forever more be immensely special for you.