What a great time of year. Here is a list for which to give thanks.

  1. We give thanks because no one can stand against God's people. Romans 8:31

  2. We give thanks because God reclaimed us at the greatest cost to Himself. v.32

  3. We give thanks because God promised to give His children "all things". v.32

  4. We are humbled because of the right standing we enjoy in His presence. v.33

  5. We are thankful because Jesus offers to be our best friend. v.34

  6. We are blessed because nothing can separate us from His powerful love. v35

  7. We are thankful because of the permanent victory God offers His children. v.36-7

  8. We are thankful because no power is greater than His Strong love for us. v.38-9

Together we give thanks for all things God has given us to enjoy.