My Grandson Caleb


Last week I told you about our new grandson. Now look at the very first Caleb in the Bible.

Caleb was a faithful follower of God. Caleb and Joshua were scouts sent to checkout the enemy who occupied the Promised Land. Other scouts said "no we can't go" the enemy is too strong. They are giants and we look like grasshoppers. Caleb said, we can conquer them and "don't rebel against the Lord and don't be afraid of the giants".

Caleb had a giant faith in God and he boldly stood up against them. Even though Israel waited forty five years to fulfill Caleb's promise it finally came to pass. Caleb's prediction came true and he was honored for it.

Now at this time Caleb was eighty five years old, this is what he said, "I am as strong now as I was when Moses sent me on that I'm asking for that hill country the Lord promised me." Joshua 14-15

The hill country was still full of giants and at eighty five he and his men conquered the giants of the land.

Caleb is a powerful name. It describes a man of courage who was fearless and faithful to God, even into his old age. I want my grandson to be a Caleb in todays world where there are many giants to defeat.

You can conquer giants too. Don't be afraid ask God to make you faithful and fearless and see what happens.