Nothing Compares


To the experience of seeing a brand new baby. I watched this perfect little innocent gift from God shortly after he was born. He was perfectly formed with a beautiful pink body and fuzzy reddish blond hair. The scrub nurse did her job. I watched her literally scrub every inch of his tiny 7lb 4oz frame as if he had just emerged from a rough and tumble little league game.

New life, new bath, new people, new world to experience and a new everything to enjoy. I know because I'm his grandpa and I saw him myself.

Anyone want to have a new start in life? A fresh new beginning? A chance to be pure and clean again? There is a man who can do it all for you. His name is JESUS!

He did it for dirty fishermen, cheating tax collectors, wild people of the street, the rich, the poor, the powerful and powerless.

Yes it is possible to have a fresh new beginning that is just as beautiful as a newborn child. You can begin anew with God. "If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness." Now that is a fresh new and wonderful start. Try it; you'll want that new beginning and freedom. It will open your eyes to a new world just like my new grandson.

P.S. His name is CALEB.