Yes! I'm thankful my home is not in Iraq. Yes! I'm thankful my income is not $2.00 per day. Yes! I'm grateful my house is not made of cardboard and plastic sheeting. Yes! I bless God for my daily "Lovastatin" that covers my cholesterol. Yes! I'm grateful for the measure of health that lets me exercise and run every day. Yes! I'm thankful I live in California even though it is the land of fruits and nuts. Of course I'm appreciative of the freedom to hop on a bus, train or plane and go anywhere I choose. Sure! I'm thankful for modern conveniences that make life easy and beds comfy.

You know I'm thankful for the Good News, the Bible, freedom of faith, and a Great Savior But I'm also thankful for Cornerstone friends and family. I love my brothers and sisters in the faith who love me and care for my family and bring me encouragement and the strength of God to go forward everyday. I also know you are thankful for all these things too!

"In everything give thanks."