Hardly true! That's teenage stuff. Adolescents think nothing bad will ever happen to them, they can do anything. Kids always want their kicks but never realize there is a kickback --which is way too expensive and sometimes even costing their lives or lives of others.

But this blog is not about teens. It is about adults who do the same things or act the same way. We adults also think invincible applies to us. We assume, "I'll never get terminally ill or robbed or involved in identity theft. We think those things happen to others but not us." James the brother of Jesus, tells us life is a mist, a fog, or a puff of vapor. Life is here momentarily and then vanishes.

Therefore don't think "invincible". Don't say, "It will never happen to me; my life will never be shortened without notice." Instead you ought to say-- [James 4:15] "If it is the Lord's will we will live and do this or that". So may I ask you today, are you prepared? Could you let go of life today? Would you be happy to see Jesus now? Your answer should be a great motivator to do whatever necessary to get prepared. Don't be an adolescent; we already have enough in our world.