September 11, 2001


Approximately 3000 people died in NYC at the World Trade Center. It was so sudden, so unexpected, so threatening to each one of us. Remember how the spiritual concern of people suddenly soared? Everyone seemed to go to church that next week. People started praying again. Churches blossomed out again. Many were afraid and some were even afraid of God. Was it a precursor to U.S. judgment? A simple breach of U.S. security? A wave of terrorism that will be with us forever?

Today few people talk about the attack except on its anniversary each year, but the lessons are clear. No one is exempt; everyone is mortal. Everyone has an appointment with death and the Almighty God. Be ready; get ready. know that this one life is so very temporary. We have NO GUARANTEES. Today is the day of getting right with God... Do not harden your heart .Do not tempt God but rather repent and embrace God, and you will be prepared for any future crisis or judgment. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life." Choose Jesus today! No one knows what may happen tomorrow.