See The Glory Of God


Jesus said, "If you believe you will see the glory of God." Powerful words for Mary and Martha whose brother had just died! What a crisis to lose a loved one or to lose a job and income or any other valuable possession. Faith in action is believing in the face of adversity and opposition. So... what is God asking you to believe in spite of problems and pressure? Faith is nothing, exactly nothing, like a big fat zero, unless we engage it in action. Faith is just so many words unless we truly do something useful with it.

The brother of Jesus talked about "dead" faith. He meant useless, worthless, wasted words [denial] that are religious in nature but void of power in reality. Faith means... I must know it in my head and then practice it in my heart. Mary and Martha did see the glory of God because soon Jesus raised brother Lazarus from the dead. Now is the time to resurrect your faith and put it into action.

Here is a simple prayer...

"Dear God, by faith I am asking you to show me the glory of God in this area of life that is now a problem for me [Tell God your concern] and I thank you for this answer I will receive whenever you want to reveal it to me. Thank you for being my great God. Amen."

Now look for the glory of God. It may come in surprising ways... ways you may not anticipate so keep yours eyes open and your faith tuned into what may happen next. P.S. please email me with your answers from God. Send to