Go Ahead... Let Go


People say it all the time... "Let Go and Let God", but no one really puts it into practice. Even if we do we soon, very soon take it back again. Let go means let go of fears, worries, insecurities, prejudice and most of all control. We are all control freaks. Jesus teaches us how to really let go. Remember "not my will but thy will be done". Pray it. Mean it! You can avoid disaster if only you will follow the master.

Yes of course, letting go is a struggle. Jesus had to pray this prayer three times. Also the Apostle Paul had to pray three times about his thorn in the flesh before he learned to let go. But letting go is worth the struggle. It puts God in charge of those worries, fears, and many others issues.

Try it.

Let God for once in your life be in charge. The Lord knows that you have certainly made a huge mess of things already. Right? Give God a chance to be all that He said. The results are utterly amazing. "Avoid Disaster--Follow the Master".