Church Life Updates - June 2013


Summer Trips and Retreats are practically here. In the next few weeks the Youth will be heading off to House Boats and the Ladies to Whispering Pines where they anticipate an amazing time! Everyone at Cornerstone who has ventured off on one of these excursions has a story, and there are many more to be written!

As the time draws near we encourage that your stories be told. Crazy stories that make you laugh so hard you cry! …Stories of transformation, when you first felt the Spirit of God working in your heart. Memories, of staying up late, eating way too much, and having meaningful conversations about God, Life and more.

Retreats Refresh, cause reflection and inspire us toward living the abundant life that God has called us to. While away, the women will be diving into the topic: “What happens when women say yes to God”. We want to thank Sara, Chris, Rose, Betty and DeeDee for the hard work that has gone into preparing for this much anticipated retreat. We’re so grateful for you all!

Pastor Mark has had such a great response this year, the youth are occupying two boats, instead of one, and taking more students than ever before! This is a testimony to how awesome these trips have been over the years, and how God is still using this retreat to draw students to Himself while having a great time! We want to encourage everyone to be in prayer for our ladies and our youth, that God would use these trips and retreats to accomplish His loving purpose in the hearts of all who are involved! “Here’s-to” another wonderful summer of great experiences!