Back From Baja Blessings


Wish you were there!!

We had many faith stretching experiences and overwhelming blessings.

Our team arrived home on Oct. 13TH after an 8 day trip to Vicente Guerrero, B.A. Mexico

Here is an over view of what was accomplished:

We had 6 outreach opportunities including visiting 2 daycare centers, 1 Sr. Home for elderly, 1 home for abused women, a trip to the back country hills where people practiced VooDoo, and a minstry to about 100 kids with a program of evangelism, crafts, and a feeding for kids and women.

To all of these groups we distributed a total of 150 pounds of beans, 50 tarps for leaky roofs, 100's of articles of clothing, 50 Spanish Bibles,also Gospels of John and 150 Billy Graham "Peace with God" booklets in Spanish. In addition to that our team brought and gave away 150 backpacks for school age kids. Plus we shared the gospel message wherever we went.

Our work teams also re-roofed 2 houses and installed a 30X 30 foot plastic tarp on a house badly damaged by weather. The challenge of the tarp was a huge 40 mph. wind that nearly blew our team off the roof.

Thank you for praying for our team. Your prayers got us through Tijuana late at night when we were lost in 1000's of cars of traffic and could not find the right entrance to the border crossing. God saved 2 of our cars from being slammed by a bus. At one point I was so lost and confused that I prayed out loud " I have no idea where I am Lord, you will have to drive this car for us".

We did make it safely to the border crossing but then waited 2 hours to get through the traffic jam to U.S.A.

God is good. He stretched our faith. He proved His strength. He showed His love. He blessed our lives.

Next time it is your turn to go to Baja.

Remember "When God says go don't say no"

Today there are many people now on their way to heaven because you prayed for our effectiveness as a team to evangelize the receptive hearts of the Baja people.