Awesome Outreach


Our Baja and Haiti teams went to the homeless shelter recently.

It was so very humbling to see, meet and touch real people living on the bottom rung of life.

I realized all over again real poverty exists all around us. No one needs to travel to Baja or Haiti to experience the daily struggle to survive.

Our team brought hope, food, testimonies, music, clothes and the message of God's love to over 120 people that day. We spoke with the young and the old, the sick, the abandoned, the lonely addict, the unemployed, and the too disabled to work even if there was a job available.

A young teenager came to Jesus for the first time. She had Cancer of the most serious nature. We anointed her with oil and prayed for a miracle in her life.

A young man was there because he was kicked out of his home. The authorities said it was uninhabitable for children. Now he and his two little boys live in a small room at the shelter.

A young lady came to thank our band for the praise music and the entire team for coming to encourage her. It was her wake-up call to get out of the pit of life she was in. Our ladies prayed for her and it seemed to make a big difference.

It is sad to report that many who stayed there claimed to be Christians, but somehow never translated the love and message of Jesus into real victorious living. They never really took it seriously and Christianity became just a religion to them. I guess that is what happens when people simply give lip service to the great God and His awesome promises He personally makes to each of us.

Have you ever noticed yourself being guilty of just making "god-talk"?

I must confess that I have certainly been guilty of that kind of speaking and thinking. It can be rather easy to just speak Christian words and not really practice them in faith. I think Jesus would call that hypocrisy.

The homeless shelter was once again a wake-up call to me. "Don't just talk like a Christian and pretend like a Christian but really live like one."

I think our entire team was humbled that day to see what can happen to anyone. I remember the saying "There but for the grace of God go I".

If you want a wake-up call, just drop by your nearest homeless shelter. There reality hits home in a very big hurry.