Haitian Tragedy


We are really shocked. This sad news happened Saturday Aug. 18th in Port au Prince. Our friend, Pastor, and Haitian missionary to his people in the little town of Merceron was murdered.

We cannot believe the great loss. He started this new ministry with only 5 people. Today there is at least 50 believers. They are in the process of building a new church. They are learning and growing in the Lord.

When our team was there we visited every home in the village and witnessed to them. They all greatly loved Pastor Marc Hancey. Now he is in heaven. We cannot understand how his work is over? It was just getting started. God knows best what he allows and does and it must be something really great. Perhaps this church will really grow in fantastic new ways.

Pastor Marc was in Port au Prince at the bank withdrawing money to use for the construction of the new roof on the church. When he left in his car he was rear-ended by the assailant and then shot twice and robbed of his money. Crime is rampant in the city and he has been robbed before. This time it was fatal.

Please pray for his dear wife and two teenage kids. Also pray that this young church will thrive and grow through this tragedy.

The Bible says for Christians, "absent from the body is to be present with the Lord" We can be thankful that Pastor Marc is now enjoying Jesus, heaven, and all the rewards he has be given by the Lord.

This strange turn of events makes us realize that life is so short. We learn to be thankful for the amazing safety of the towns in which we live. We are also aware that Satan uses anything and everyone to stop the ministry of Jesus. Our world is full of evil deeds and people who are desperate.

We also know that in the Bible when adversity hit the church it pulled together and became stronger and more powerful and resiliant. I pray that it will happen in Merceron too.

Please join me in praying for the believers in Pastor Marc's church and for his family. We are asking God to comfort all our friends who are grieving at this time.