I discovered we have them. They are nasty and look like slimy little creepy crawlers. I can't tell you how gross they make me feel. I don't like to admit it but they are a reality at the Payne household.

A few days ago, I was preparing 50 pounds of chicken thighs for our outdoor Sunday Barbecue. I bought chicken thighs with the "bone in" because they are so much cheaper than those with the bone already extracted. Yes they were 50 per cent cheaper.

So after deboning the chicken thighs which took about 90 minutes, I collected all the bones and deposited them in the garbage container. This happened on a Friday afternoon and the waste management truck does not come until early Tuesday morning.

People at the barbecue were telling me how much and how badly my trash can was smelling. So I moved it farther away from the house. Later that day I put the can out to the curb to await the proper disposal.

Then I opened the lid. To my utter amazement I found the putrid smelling can was filled with a large abundance of maggots. The flies found a perfect host for their eggs and promptly deposited them. Already the rotten flesh on the chicken bones had done its job.

Who can really be surprised ---- hot weather, an abundance of flies, lots of available chicken bones and nature has produced what nature always produces.

You don't want to come near my garbage can. You can see the results, smell the foul odor, observe the flies and their offspring, and see the obvious results of nature at work.

Now for the application.

Human nature is also at work. In my heart if I allow it, anger always corrupts and grows, selfishness always smells bad, gossip is putrid, temptation festers with immoral consequences. Human nature always does what it knows best. It corrupts itself.

King David cried out "Create in my a clean heart, O God". He also said "Cleanse me and I shall be clean".

I am getting rid of all the maggots. I can't wait for the waste management truck to empty out my trash can.

I'm also asking God to clean out my life from human maggots and evil behavior. God is my Waste Management Provider. He has all ready paid all the "service charges" too. Admit, Believe, Confess, and He dumps all of the human garbage that is corrupting our hearts and lives.

I am sick of all the maggots!