Pedal Boats And Yachts


We were at Lake Tahoe for our family reunion this year. There were 13 of us which included the youngest of 2 years and the oldest. The oldest would be me but I'm not telling my age because ...... well, I can't remember that far back.

It was a great week and we saw all kinds of boats from the smallest little pedal boats for kids to the biggest yachts that cost thousands.

Next to our house was a very beautiful family cruiser with living accommodations down below and a great deck up above. I noticed all week long that it was never used. It just sat in the boat slip, idle all week. No one was around it and no one paid any attention. This very exciting luxury vessel just sat idly by with no one on board to take advantage of all it had to offer.

Boats at Tahoe are for sightseeing and water sports, but this beauty just got zip. No one seemed to care or claim this valuable possession. To humanize it a bit, it must have felt very lonely.

Now you know that Tahoe is the largest and deepest Alpine lake in North America. At it deepest point it is over 1600 feet. From top to bottom it is 22 miles long. Around the perimeter of the lake is Emerald Bay (gorgeous), exquisite mountain peaks up to 9-10,000 feet high. A beautiful array of wildlife, wild flowers can be seen. Also, dozens of fantastic beaches can easily be visited by boat.

A boat ride around the lake is a dream come true and a terrific adventure like no other. A boat owner can see it all. He could picnic on one beach, hike on the next beach to a great waterfall, then he could move on to have coffee and a snack somewhere else around the lake and end the day enjoying a great fantastic meal at a different beachfront hotel.

But this expensive powerful boat I have described to you was idle. The owner never showed up to even make one trip around the lake or anywhere else for that matter.

What a picture of God. God is the greatest adventure ever. He will give you a ride for a lifetime. He will take you places you could never go on your own. His ride is powerful and exciting. Sometimes you would think that it is a little bit frightening and perhaps even dangerous. But you can be sure of one thing. Go with Him and it is always rewarding.

Get on God's boat and the scenery is breathtaking. You will find riding with God is almost an addiction that you can never live without. Once on board, you'll never want to leave His vessel. Have you discovered the most powerful ride of your life? He will take you all the way into eternity.

Don't neglect God's power boat. He will never let you down.