His Bright Light


The light was so bright I could not see anything. My eyes were dazed and almost blinded from the intensity of it.

It was early morning just after sunrise and the sun had momentarily burst through the clouds. That's when the intensity struck my eyesight from the overwhelming glare off the Pacific Ocean. It was stunning and beautiful with the break of dawn.

I had just finished reading this verse from Ps. 27:1 "The Lord is my light and my salvation" and then "whom shall I fear". When God lights the way His light blurs out whatever else you might tend to see or fear.

I could only see the light and nothing else could stand in His presence.

" The Lord is the stronghold of my life"..... What is a stronghold? It is the place where His light is so strong that nothing else can hold on or creep in to cause any fear.

The dazzling light obliterates everything so that we see only His"light of the world".

No enemies to see, no problems to fear,or worries to interfere. Today look for the great sunlight of His intense love. Let the warm glow of His bright presence be your comfort.

Today the Lord is my light and tomorrow and forever.

Choose to look for His powerful radiance and the fears will never be seen. Just stay focused. That's what I plan to do today.