Quick Learner


We have the cutest little Shitzu dog named "Precious".

She has more energy than a teenage girl at a Justin Biber rock concert!!!

She loves to run, jump high, tease our other dog and wake up early in the morning. There is never a dull moment when she is nearby.

She loves to chew up everything she can get her mouth on.Outside she finds flowers,wood chips,grass and smelly things to devour. Then she is still hungry.

She is also very protective of our other dog "Jabez". When Jabez needs to go outside he will just wait quiety at the door. Precious will come and get us and dance around until we get the picture "it's time for Jabez to go outside".

Whenever she wants to go outside and we are slow to pick up the clues, which are not so subtle, she goes into action. She will climb up into our laps and stare right directly into our faces until we "stupid adults learn it's time to take her outside".

The direct stare in the face is louder than words and even a bark!!

A funny thing happened one morning. I was having my usual cup of hot coffee. Precious decided to boldly lick the outside of the coffee cup. It was really hot and she burned her tongue.

It really hurt and her remedy was to lick the air over and over and over. It took quite a while for her to stop licking the air. Eventually the burn went away and she stopped.

She learned a huge lesson about hot cups. Now everyday when I sit down with a hot cup of coffee she begins licking the thin air. It is a new routine, licking when she sees my coffee cup. It happens non-stop.

She is so humorous and begins this ritual on sight everyday. The other day I had a cold cup of iced coffee but it didn't matter the results were the same.

Don't you wish everyone could learn so quickly? I wish children, adolescents, and adults could get the picture. Why do we all take so long?

You know the definition of "insanity"? Doing the same things over and over but expecting different results!

How many times shall we repeat the same sins before learning we get the same bad results?

Are we really that stupid and insane?

I wish I could learn as quickly as our dog Precious. She is a very quick learner.