Man From Hell


We were visiting one of our favorite restaurants in Stockton recently. As we entered the eatery a man sitting in the bushes was begging for money.

I didn't even respond to his jibberish. Then I noticed as we were eating he kept circling the restaurant, approaching patrons, and trying to get money from them. One family started to leave the restaurant and noticed him outside the door so they turned around and found a different exit so they wouldn't have to face him.

He looked so old but moved so quickly up and down and back and forth seeking money even from those people in cars waiting in the drive-through lane.

When we finished our delicious leisurely meal and went to our car, there he was again, approaching us as we were ready to pull away. I rolled down the window and he held out his hands for money.

His hair was long and stringy and terribly unkempt. His face was extra tan from living outside. His shirt was unbuttoned and ready to fall off. As he asked for money I said to him, "Do you know what you need?"

Then I said it again, "Do you know what you need?" Immediately he started cursing Jesus' name. His tongue was blue, vile, and vindictive against the name of Jesus. He wouldn't stop. He also began describing his evil sexual behavior inflaming the air with his filthy mouth. He told me he was a Satanist and followed the Devil. This changed everything!

I asked him again, "Do you know what you need?" He was unwilling to look me in the eye. He was like a caged animal. Making no sense he blurted out "... and I wouldn't mind dying".

Then I asked this man in bondage, "What's your name?" I was going to pray for him right there on the spot. I motioned for him to come closer to me. Then he said the words I will never forget.

"My name is Hell as far as you are concerned". Then he walked away.

Pam and I cried out loud for Jesus to save that man.

As we drove away, he flashed vile immoral hand signals against us.

We were sick and silently stunned by this encounter. This man was truly in the grip of the enemy himself. That night I woke up in the darkness thinking about the "roaring lion" pacing about seeking whom he may devour. I also thought about the man of Gadera in the Bible who was wild and naked and no man could control even with chains.

We had a vile encounter with the wild man who could not listen to the name of Jesus. He knew what I was going to say, and even before I spoke the name Jesus he tried to cut me off.

I realized even more than ever before how great the spiritual battle and how powerful the enemy to control the lives of those who refuse the name of Jesus.

I was not prepared for that spiritual attack from the wild man in Stockton. Be on guard! The enemy will surprise you.