A Very Large Tattoo


We were on vacation. It was a very beautiful day with soft breezes wafting by, great cloud formations, sun playing hide and seek and tropical temperatures. It was a special day at Hanalei Pier.

Soon a young man came by playing with his little 3 year old daughter. I noticed on his back was a very large tattoo of a cross. It was displayed almost the entire length of his back and had Jesus on the cross.

I was intrigued and wanted to ask "Why?" But he was gone down the beach under the bridge where we were sitting. Maybe he will come back this way. "I hope I see him again so I can ask my question."

About 15 minutes later we saw him again coming this way. I waited for him to approach and went up him and engaged in a conversation. I learned he was from San Diego and had a three year old daughter. They were looking to move to the islands and were checking out homes in the area.

Then I got to the point. "I admire your body art. Why did you choose a cross for your back?"

His answer was direct and surprizing to me. It was very simple and meaningful. What do you think he said?

I will give you his unforgetable quote. "Because I want Jesus to watch my back" So we talked about Jesus and his blessings to us and how everyone needs Him.

His answer reminded me of Psalm 139. King David said that God is always around us, in front of us, behind us, surrounding us and never leaves us. David continues in verses 5-6 "where can I go from your spirit and where can I flee from your presence?"

That young man not only had Jesus on his back but everywhere around him. This is so true of us.

So wherever you go today be aware and enjoy and fellowship with the one who is always there.