Sometimes we say, "I bumped my head and it was excruciating"-------NO not really!

Or we will comment, "Yesterday I tripped and sprained my ankle and it was excruciating" --------NO not really!

You may hear, "I hit my thumb recently with a hammer and it was excruciating" ---------again, NO not really!

EXCRUCIATING by definition truly means. "PAIN THAT COMES OUT OF THE CROSS". It is a Latin word and literally says "Out of the Cross".

Now we all know where that word originated and to whom it referred. People in ignorance are admitting that the worst of all pain comes from the death on the cross.

Jesus said, "Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend". What a painful sacrifice He made for us. It was the most "excruciating" of all deaths possible.

The passion week is a week of great love ,sacrifice and resurrection all for us who do not deserve that kind of grace.

Many years ago when I was 19 I received that great love from God into my life. It was transformative and it changed me forever. I could not resist God's love that forgave my stupid sins and restored my peace and sanity.

I hope you are hearing me and saying I want that kind of love in my life and I need that kind of peace that passes all comprehension. I am tired of my guilt and wrong choices that defeat me. I am ready for a new life changing experience with the Savior who endured the "excruciating" suffering on the cross for me.

Then if this is so for you,----- Today is your day of resurrection to a brand new way. Let Jesus love take over in your life. He will give you a gift you have never experienced before.

Finally, here are the words of Jesus. "I am the resurrection and the life, he who believes in me even though he dies will live".