What To Do In A Crisis


Everybody faces this on ocassion. It isn't fun and we don't like it. In fact we all hate it!

In the O.T. Elijah had a crisis and he got so depressed that he fled to a cave and just wanted to die. I think many of us feel that way when we feel overwhelmed.

When the officer called me on the phone and said the name of my oldest son. I couldn't believe my ears. He said that he rolled his VW down a very steep embankment. I thought it was a movie, someone elses life and son. This happened many years ago but it is still very real in my ears.

What do you do in a crisis?

In the O.T. Jonah had a crisis and you know that he ran as far away as possible until the giant fish decided to use him for a meal. Then his crisis really got worse.

In the N.T. Jesus had a crisis in the Garden of Gethsemane and was arrested. Then the disciples had a crisis. They could argue vehemently or fight aggressively to save Jesus. They did neither. They ran and deserted the Lord. What do you do in a crisis?

There are so many examples of people in a crisis in the Bible. Some lie, some hide, some runaway, some pray, some act in faith, some run to the Lord.

Our recent guest speaker who spoke to our church family was a great example of what to do in a crisis. He had one crisis after another as he grew up in a very difficult environment.

As a CHP officer he not long ago had his right leg amputated. It was a result of a crash in the police car in pursuit of an offender. He almost died as a result but God spared his life. Now he has a great story to tell about what to do in a crisis.

In summary his words are "You can turn towards God or you can turn away from God" It is that simple.

Any problem, difficulty, struggle can be faced in this manner. TURN TO GOD OR AWAY FROM HIM.

Nothing is too hard for God. He always wants us to bring our crisis to Him. Invites us to come to Him. He calls out for us to trust Him.

How do you handle a crisis?

P.S. My son in the VW accident was not injured at all. He walked away without a scratch. Jesus was in the car with him that day.